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To Trust Yourself & Fail...Can You Finish This Sentence?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Have you ever been at odds with yourself because you didn’t trust your ability to make the right decision? How many times have you felt that drop in the pit of your stomach and you knew that something was not right? Did you pay attention to the signs you were being given or did you ignore them? Those “signs” are our intuition trying to come through. Deep in our core, we already know what is best for us. For our life. For our health, happiness and well-being. It is unfortunate that most of the time we choose not to trust.

There are a lot of reasons that we don't trust. Some of us were taught as children to not trust ourselves. Or maybe we couldn't trust a loved one. It could be that our loved ones could not trust us. Our journeys and life experiences can demolish our trust in ourselves. For example, can you recall a time when you put absolute trust in yourself only to have an outcome that was disappointing and painful? I can. Several as a matter of fact. Can you recall a time when you knew deep down what was right for you but failed to follow through because you were afraid, or you believed that you didn't deserve it?

We all make decisions that do not work out as planned. At times, we see red flags EVERYWHERE and what do we do? We ignore them. Other times, we have to do the best we can with what we have to work with. Before I started my business, I researched a lot of entrepreneurs and their processes of decision making. I found that most made a list of pros and cons. They tried to anticipate any problems that may come up. A good majority sought out experts for insight. But at the end of it all, they tried to make the most informed decision they could. Not all of their decisions were the right ones. Life was constantly changing. People changing as well. But the outlook they tried to keep was that just because something doesn't work out the way you planned doesn’t mean you cannot trust yourself with future decisions. When things don’t work out, there is often a valuable lesson or message to be taken in. Take a step back to re-evaluate the situation so you can bring the lesson to light.

Worth mentioning too is that until you can fully trust yourself, you will always seek guidance from external sources. Your life will be outer-focused and other people will be making decisions for you. There is nothing wrong with seeking opinions from others. You just have to remember to pay attention to your feelings the most. If you are still not sure, then stop. Take the time to really tune in to your gut. If you have a relationship with a higher power, meditate or spend time in prayer to ask for guidance. Ask for the truth and what is right to be revealed to you.

I went to a spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona. We did this exercise where we broke up into groups and each person had to tell the others in the circle what they can see or feel about them. The exercise was for us to tune in to what our intuition was telling us. It was surprising to see how accurate some were about others. How complete strangers can be tuned in to each other. That exercise taught me that the more we test our intuition, the more we discover that it's telling the truth. And it is then that we can begin to trust ourselves.

So, the next time you feel confused about what decision you should make, try some experiments/exercises that will help you test your intuition. Pay attention to your gut reaction. Don’t try to rationalize things in your head. Don’t talk yourself out of how you are feeling. Just go with it. And see what happens. The more you practice trusting yourself, the easier it will become. And if you trust yourself only to find that it was a mistake, find the lesson in it. Take the message that was given and DON’T LOOK BACK! To help you build confidence when it comes to trusting yourself, keep a list of the times when you followed your intuition and things went well. The takeaways in all of this, is that it’s ok to be wrong and to trust yourself & fail is better than never trusting yourself at all.

Sending LOVE & LIGHT!

- Becca

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