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Simplistic Healing

Maybe you are not familiar with Reiki. Don’t worry, you are not alone!

To start with, Reiki is associated with holistic healing. Holistic healing lacks pharmaceutical drugs and medical surgeries. It is based on natural remedies and the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki is a very early form of energy healing where the practitioner serves as a channel for Universal Life Force Energy. The Reiki practitioner opens himself/herself up as a channel for an energy that comes from a higher source to aid in healing or balancing a person’s energetic field and energetic centers located throughout the body. This is believed to be beneficial for the mind, body and soul.

Reiki is said to be capable of healing anything because its energy comes from the basic fundamental levels of reality. It teaches that the energy flows are affected by thoughts. For instance, if a person is consistent with negative thinking, this will manifest negative energy in your life such as illnesses, diseases and unfortunate events. If he/she is consistent with positive thinking, this will manifest positive energy in your life like good health, happiness and fortune. These are facilitated to help the patients understand the power of a positive mindset.

A Reiki session with me would look like this:

Typically, the recipient will fill out an online consultation form disclosing the interest in beginning Reiki. Any issues that they would like to address, contact info. And only need to know medical issues or medications ect…Once this form is completed, the appointment will be scheduled. On the day of the appointment, I would prepare the sacred space (a.k.a. the room where the session will take place). Upon arrival, a brief discussion will take place between myself and the recipient. This will be to disclose any details of the upcoming session. The recipient will remove all jewelry, shoes and electronic devices. They will then make themselves comfortable by lying down on a massage/reiki table. An eye mask or cover is provided in order to deepen the relaxation process. I would then start a series of prayers opening up the channel of energy. As this is happening, the recipient will also be preparing and opening up their receiving channels by doing some breathwork and setting their intention for the healing session that is about to take place. Usually some incense, sage or palo santo will be burned and directed about the space and around the recipient to invite healing. The recipient will decide if they want hands-on or hands-off healing. Hands-off healing would require me to have my hands about two inches above the body throughout the treatment. I feel that hands-on is more effective, but I go with whatever makes the recipient most comfortable. A series of hand positions will be performed along the length of the body. Front and back depending on what needs to be addressed. Each hand position corresponds to different areas/systems of the body. Healing energy is channeled through the hands and into these areas to treat any issues that might be present. A sort of massage from mid-air is done. Some swooping actions like smoothing a bedspread. This movement is intended to cleanse and clear the recipient’s aura or energetic field that surrounds the body. Finally, an aura spray will be misted to purify, protect and brighten the aura. I will close the session with some prayers of gratitude. The recipient will then have the opportunity to collect themselves and their belongings. They can discuss anything that came up for them in the session, if they wish to do so. I will provide some very simple after care instructions. If the recipient would like to schedule another session, they are free to do so at their convenience.

Practitioners are also capable of healing from a distance. This is called Reiki distance or remote healing. An object, most likely a photo, will represent the recipient and it is treated instead. Practitioners are also capable of healing and blessing objects such as cars, homes, food, water, situations or future events. The list goes on and on.

Humans are complex beings. We pick everything apart. We are always searching for the “WHY” and “HOW” of it all. It is the beautiful simplicity of Reiki that called me to it. The ability to just let go and be open to change. The power of positive thinking and having a positive mindset. Believing in my body’s natural ability to heal. Believing that there are forces far greater than we will ever know guiding us, helping us discover our roots for healing, health and happiness. I was never the same after Reiki. And I would never want to be without it in my life ever again.

Reiki is definitely a different healing process compared with others. It is up to you if you will believe in the methods. Nobody says you have to believe in the spiritual aspects of it. I have to say that you bring more meaning & fullness into your life if you do. But if you don’t, at the very least, you can open yourself up to a chunk of time throughout your week that is just for you to experience the bliss of peace and relaxation.

Much LOVE & Many BLESSINGS- Becca


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