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Get To Know Your Dark Side

Just as there is light in the world, there is also darkness. The same can be said for our internal existence as well. In each of us is a “shadow side”. This version of us

is opposite the happy, love & light version. It is that part of ourselves that we keep hidden in the closet at home. Our shadow can come in many forms. It can show up as temptation, addiction, sadness, jealousy, anger or cruelty ect.

Becoming aware of the shadow side takes a lot of effort. It means that you acknowledge this dark part of yourself. And you admit that it is real. This act is essential for self-knowledge and is almost always met with resistance. I mean, who could blame a person? Nobody likes to own up to the dark side of themselves, am I right? Instead, we repress these elements of our personality. We bury them deep in our minds, our hearts and we choose not to be identified or associated with them.

Losing our shadow side is not that easy though. It will always follow us because humans are an imperfect species. We each have our own personal demons to fight. Masters, mentors, gurus and coaches believe the best approach is to confront your shadow and deal with the conflict that is being created. Because if we keep hiding, denying and repressing, we can attract shadow into our lives in other ways.

Like other people or your friends, for example. Are you comfortable with your friends? Why do you like hanging out with them? Do you judge them harshly or are you inconsiderate or mean with them? Do you get angry at the slightest poke from a specific person or friend? Are you jealous of a certain person or friend? If so, why still spend your time with them? This form of shadow manifests in the faces of other people. We attract them into our lives by not living authentically or truthfully. But if our shadow side keeps getting buried down deep, it can make us go places we would normally never go.

The upside to shadow work is that there are lessons to be learned if we are willing to go deeper within ourselves to find them. We can gratefully accept the good in us. Diligently work with the bad. Face fears and insecurities. Confront the anger seething under the skin. These dark times in our life offer the chance to enrich our spirit, our soul and our lives.

So, as you put one foot forward to face your shadow side, remember that no matter how many clouds hover above us and no matter how long and dark the night is, light will surely come. And with it, greater balance, perspective, alignment with our highest purpose, strength, personal power, freedom and growth.

Here are a few things that have helped me face my dark side. Maybe they can help you too!



Journaling-gives you a space to process your shadow side. Start slow! Only do about 5 to 10 minutes of shadow journaling so you are not overwhelmed. Acceptance is hard work and takes a lot of energy. There are tons of resources on the internet on how to shadow journal.


Meditation-set your intention for self-love and self-acceptance. Meditation helps with negative thinking and negative feelings. Doing this daily will quiet the mind and make the process much easier.


Talk to someone - family, friend, like-minded support groups or even a professional. If you go the professional route, you may get great results. Professionals know nothing of us so we might find ourselves saying things that we didn’t realize we were feeling or thinking.



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