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Evolution Is Calling. Will You Answer?

“To suffer is to help a world that is suffering.” Sounds kinda jacked up, doesn’t it? But if you are someone who has answered the sacred call, it totally makes sense. When you break it down, it’s the same as saying, “Walk a mile in my shoes and then you will understand.” You have to make the choice to suffer so you can understand the suffering of others. And even though more and more of us today are making that choice, there are still a lot of us out there who are perfectly fine leaving our shoes on.

When I began my spiritual journey a few years ago, I had no idea of the scope of it all. I always say that first year was someone else occupying my body! Making all the decisions, taking all of the risks, setting up all of the curriculum that was necessary for me to take this new path or road in my life that would eventually lead me somewhere. Where? I didn’t know. But what I did know is that it was absolutely impossible to ignore. It was a driving force that was propelling me forward, pushing me outside of my comfort zones. Motivating me to reach out to others. Encouraging me to shine light in the deepest and darkest places. Going through this process shattered the world I had been living in and opened up a whole new one.

For anyone on the path, we all know that getting to this “new world” is nothing short of hell. The foundations of all the old structures, beliefs and conditionings crack and give way for TRUTH. Truth of who we are, where we have come from and why we are here at this time and on this planet. Unpacking and processing this truth takes time. We will experience confusion, anger, grief, pain, sickness and sometimes temporary insanity. And we experience these on mental, emotional, physical and karmic levels. We are each unique in the ways we process things but there comes a time when we get to the acceptance of it all. Where it all makes sense. That leads us to awe, love, healing, connection, forgiveness, happiness and ultimately transformation.

Awareness is the key to unlock a world that we never thought possible. Every being on this planet carries within themselves the potential to change their lives and the world we live in. Our physical bodies hold trillions of cells. In those cells are DNA. Enough DNA the length of millions of miles traveled again and again. And yet we only use about 2% of that DNA. The unused portion is considered waste. It’s there, inactive, dormant. Why is that? I’ve got to believe that whomever or whatever (depending on your perspective) created the DNA that is in each of us had a purpose or reason for doing so. In my opinion, the parts of our DNA that are dormant are the stages to evolution, to enlightenment or awakening, to the different levels of consciousness and our connection to all that ever existed, all that is.

When describing awakening, we always use the metaphor of a garden blooming into life. This is because it’s a perfect way to conceive of the idea of consciousness. When my grandparents used to grow their own garden, they would start by preparing the soil. Removing weeds and rocks then using a garden tiller to loosen up the dirt for planting. Giving it any additional nutrients or structures to be able to support the growth that will be taking place in the coming months. Then, they would plant seeds. Each seed has a unique blueprint within it. This blueprint effortlessly guides the seed into BEING. My grandparents dedicated time each and every day throughout the summer to their garden. Paying attention to its’ progress. Nurturing it and protecting it from the elements when necessary and other outside sources that could contaminate or harm it, limiting growth. They worked hard toward their goal. Suffering cuts, bruises, aches and pains. And when this garden produced a bountiful and beautiful harvest, they thanked GOD for allowing it to come to pass.