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Crash Course- Manifesting & The Manifesting Mindset

What is manifesting? Sometimes referred to as the law of attraction, manifesting is the belief we can change and shape our own life/reality through thought & trust. In other words, I think, therefore I am. But it is not just about the thinking. It’s A LOT of work! This mindset is bringing to the forefront your goals, wants or desires and taking the necessary action steps to achieve them. I firmly believe that success comes to those who have the manifesting mindset.

You say, "sounds like a spiritual thing". It should, because it is. The actions you take are not as important as the belief you have in yourself to achieve and the trust you have in unknown forces or the universe to support you. It’s about being grateful for what you already have and finding ways to give thanks for it. I have witnessed people with this mindset and have seen firsthand what they are capable of. To be quite honest, it's magikal to watch. Below are a few examples of how to get into the flow of the manifesting mindset.

If we truly believe, let’s say, financial security, is an achievable goal and we take the necessary action to align ourselves with that goal, then our mind will allow us to manifest it. In the same path, negative thoughts or lack of belief in oneself to achieve financial security and lack of action steps to align ourselves with that goal, will keep us stuck and we will not manifest that security into our reality.

Another example of the manifesting mindset at work involves problem solving. There are manifesting mindset techniques that teach you how to solve problems in your sleep. It isn't a new concept that if you focus too much on a problem with your conscious mind the answer can move farther away from you. But, if you allow yourself to come up for air or even sleep on it, the answer will often come to you as an epiphany!

Lastly, we have daydreaming as a manifesting mindset. This one is my favorite! I cannot tell you how many great ideas have come to me when I relax my mind and allow my thoughts to wander at the magnificent possibilities of my business and my life. Also, it is in those wonderful daydreaming moments that sometimes I realize that I have just thought of an answer to a question that has been bugging me for days, weeks or even months. It just presented itself, bright as the sun 😊

In school we learn about the great inventions. The light bulb, morse code and the telegraph and indoor plumbing. It was always intended to have these amazing things before their inventors knew how to create them. These inventions had such a world impact and soon became common for every establishment or household. But imagine trying to explain a light bulb, convince someone that it works and how much it will improve the quality of life, before it was invented.

In closing, the same can be said about the manifesting mindset. It is only now, in the time we are living in, are we beginning to be open to understanding energy and its relationship with mindset. Only now, are we learning how to harness the energy that makes up our world and our universe. As our journey is just beginning, one thing is for certain. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! And so is BELIEF, TRUST, EMOTION & BEHAVIOR. Application of the manifesting mindset will allow you to achieve all that you truly want, all that you truly desire and all that you truly deserve in this lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Manifest to your heart's content.





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