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Access Granted! Welcome To Cosmic Consciousness & The Higher Self

When you look at yourself, do you only see a body with a personality? As hustle & bustle humans, we do not take the time to slow down & ask the simple question, "When we look at ourselves, what do we see?" Within the last three years, I have found that we are definitely more than just a body with a personality! In each one of us exists a higher aspect. This higher aspect has been typically called the Higher Self.

So, who and what is the Higher Self? The Higher Self is the intelligent & wise aspect of our own “Self”. It does not have a "sense of self " like the way our ego does. Our ego is that little voice inside of our minds that always chatters about and is rooted in the external world. It is responsive to and acts in the surrounding physical and social world. Think of the Higher Self as a guide for the ego. Typically done through meditation, contact with the Higher Self can be made. But other altered states of consciousness can also connect us. For example, spiritual rituals with plant medicines & certain types of tobacco, in the dream state or through automatic writing & journaling.

To shed some light based on my own experiences -

I first started receiving messages, often called downloads, from my Higher Self when I began meditating three years ago. I have since learned to keep a notebook with me so I can document and later reflect on the information being given. And just in the last year, I began dreaming for the first time since I was a kid. In those dreams, I sometimes connect to my Higher Self who often provides exactly what is needed.

In the beginning of my spiritual journey, I often contemplated reincarnation. Will lost souls be forever looped, repeating the same patterns lifetime after lifetime? (According to many eastern beliefs, beings who had not attained enlightenment will be caught in a circle of perpetual birth and rebirth.) I had just lost my grandmother to COVID and memories of her kept surfacing during a meditation session. Suddenly, my entire body lit up with what felt like tiny waves of electricity. I could feel a shift in the space around me. I felt comforted, embraced by this warmth that almost felt like a hug. In that moment, I felt a deep knowing that wherever my grandmother was, she was OK. In fact, she was better than OK. These messages came very fast, like split-second impressions. So bright that they were almost like visions. My brain instinctively attempted to interpret the message. How do I know it wasn’t my imagination?

Well, I knew I had not imagined it because these bursts of information, energy and sense of being connected to another intelligence was not a normal thing that happened during my contemplation process. Of course, I had not imagined it! Because the shift in the space happened so quickly & the message was just there and gone, I did feel as though there was more that came through. I was at such an early stage in my journey, I may have missed some information due to processing, but this is what I took from it.

"The download was attempting to correct my understanding of the reincarnation process. The cycle of reincarnation is never meant to last forever. Eventually, all things will return back to Source Energy”. Keep in mind that translation was a while ago. My understanding on the matter has been fine-tuned a bit since then. But what I took from it was appropriate (to my level of understanding) at that time in my journey.

THIS is what the Higher Self does. It gives you access to higher information. This a place, inside of your consciousness, full of creative ideas & energies. It’s a place of healing. Here, you are given knowledge that you otherwise would not have known or typically thought of. You open up your own private line of communication to “Source Energy”. This energy is Spirit, GOD, Universe, a Higher Power. You can definitely feel it when you have accessed this sacred place. Some feel vibrations / low energetic frequencies in their body or they may sense a presence around them. Others might feel wide awake or tuned-in to a sense of connectedness.

Over time, I believe the downloads from the Higher Self, together with guidance from spiritual mentors, coaches and teachers will help us to understand the “scheme of things” when it comes to our consciousness and the Universe. But to fully appreciate the lesson, we as humans, need to be open to listening to our HEART'S WISDOM. Without a doubt, it is a necessary step in cultivating a deep connection with the Higher Self.

If you are ready for your life to take on a whole new meaning. If you want a fresh start by going in a whole new direction. If you want clarity, balance, a healthy mind and a sense of true belonging... your Higher Self is ready & waiting to guide you there.



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