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A New Era -Teaching Our Children Self-Awareness

The world we live in today, is much different than the world we lived in as kids. That’s expected though, isn't it? Change? We, as humans, need to grow and change as well. Not just for inner happiness but for a better world, a better way to exist. I mean, c’mon! Am I the only one sick to death of lies, drama, conflict, suffering, inequality and fear? It’s the vibrations of all of these things along with our conditioning that cause us to resist growth and change. Conditioning is how we were taught to function, think and believe. Not just by our parents but by society as a whole. In a lot of ways, these teachings served a purpose, and they did assist us at some point in our lives. But they also covered up that part of us that is free, expressive and authentic. We override that “Self” and replace it with a self that others want us to be.

“The Great Awakening” that is happening right now on our planet, is breaking down the walls that divide us all. I believe it will be recorded in history as THE pivotal moment when one era has ended, and another begins. This new era will usher in a peaceful & plentiful society. For sure, it will not happen overnight

and there are things that we need to take ownership of in order to see it come to pass.

As humans, we need to bring more awareness into our lives. We have to take the time to care for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and materialistically. You say, “whoa, that’s a lot” Ya’ dang right it is! Nobody said this journey would be easy. By fostering this connection to ourselves, we bring more consciousness to our BEING. Therefore growth, happiness, inner peace and abundance are simply inevitable. It all starts with the smallest of changes and only requires us to stay committed, no matter what.

What I want to focus on though, is what we can do as PARENTS to support this time of change on our planet. Remember that song, We Are the World? It says, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all of the beauty they possess inside”. How obvious is that? You can do this by teaching them to develop self-awareness. Implemented during the early stages of childhood, self-awareness will help to shape and mold your little ones into people who are in tune with their true self. A person who is confident & successful, emotionally stable, goal oriented, responsible, has positive relationships and is genuinely happy. It’s what parents want for their kids.

So, what are some ways you can help your child develop self-awareness?

Let us start by putting the most important at the very top. This one thing can make major impacts throughout your child’s entire life.

1. Endurance/Staying Power.

You may call this motivation, determination or grit. Teaching our kids to march on in the face of failure, to not give up. This will teach them to work towards goals and to have faith in themselves, to believe that their hard work will pay off one day. They learn that failure does not define who we are or any of our future outcomes.

2. It’s OK to make mistakes.

Nothing will ever be perfect. And the mistakes that we make are chances to learn and grow. Show them at least one positive in the negative. Let them know that by getting things wrong, they improve and get better


Doesn’t have to be a paragraph. Something as simple as “I learn from my mistakes” or “When I fall, I get back up and try again” and “I love and accept myself just the way I am”. Getting your child into the habit of positive affirmations will absolutely eradicate all negative self-talk. Enough said about that, am I right?

4. Love Overrides Expectations.

Ok, listen up. Don’t overdo it with your kids here. The expectations you set for them should be realistic and NOT overwhelming, not UNACHIEVABLE for them. What is important here, is their effort. Effort equals growth!

5. Self-Love.

Teach your child to love themselves and to see themselves in a positive way. It will build confidence and help them handle negativity or negative situations better. Studies show that children who love themselves build really strong, healthy relationships. They are also more likely to have a growth mindset which will only propel them forward in whatever they choose to do in life.

6. Self-Care.

Adults are not the only ones that need to become aware of our mind and body. Life can be hectic for EVERYONE at ANY age. Children need to slow down sometimes too. Get your kids on a routine of “TUNING OUT”. Noop, it’s not sitting alone in a quiet room. It’s actually quite the opposite. Still no technology, other than some music in the background. Tuning out can be drawing, coloring, painting, story-writing, working on puzzles, being outside in nature, playing in the park or with a pet. It can also be playing an instrument, deep-breathing, yoga or meditating. The benefits are even greater when you join them in any of these activities because they develop healthy habits that they can carry on throughout the rest of their life. Finally, make sure they are getting enough sleep at night. Being well-rested gives them a strong foundation to build on each day.

Now that we have some idea on where to begin, it’s important to note that your children do not have to be pre-teen/teen to begin developing self-awareness. You can start as early as infancy. But a common age to begin would be 2yrs. Beginning in the earlier stages of childhood will help them develop the skills to handle life’s challenges and stresses in healthy ways. This decreases the chances of any future physical or mental issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.

Like I said before, a gift that will keep on giving!

Sending Love & Light to Everyone



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