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Why Meditation?

The better question is, why not meditation? The world is waking up to the life changing benefits of meditation. Emotionally, it reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Mentally, it increases focus, creativity, productivity and memory. Meditation brings balance, increased physical health and creates room for a more positive outlook on life. Meditation is now being adopted into our workplaces as a tool to not only benefit the employee but also the performance of the company. Multiple studies have found that when you participate in group meditation, it builds a sense of community and compassion for others. So let me ask again. Why not meditation? 

Meditation: Services

Private Session

A beautiful journey awaits you!

Private one on one setting where you can completely relax and surrender yourself to the process. Connect with yourself on a SOUL level using not only meditation but also breathing techniques that can detoxify your body and provide deep mental and physical benefits as well as emotional wellbeing. $25.00


Zen Workforce Program

Improving the Workplace!

Specifically tailored for the workforce. The Zen Workforce Program is for business owners that are jumping on board with the newest (and oldest) technique to re-energize themselves, their employees and their company! This is an onsite four-week group meditation program. The sessions are a mix of meditation and breathing techniques. Forty-five-minute sessions are offered twice weekly. $45.00/session or $360.00 /month. Side note: A twelve-week program is recommended for better results. (No refunds)

Work Desk

Private Session Package

Active but still makes time!

4 medsesh's / month. $85.00 ( No refunds. You need to commit to get results! )


Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Only in recent times have we started using it as a form of medication for the mind and body. Meditation can create calm, peace and balance that can improve your health and overall outlook on life. When you meditate you clear all of the negative energies that accumulate in your body over time. This release of energy can improve focus, happiness, clarity, productivity and creativity.  A consistent practice can help relieve symptoms of particular medical conditions as well such as anxiety, depression, tension headaches and sleep issues. That being said, meditation is not a replacement for treatment with diagnosed medical conditions. It may, however, prove beneficial in addition to your current treatment plan. Discuss meditation with your doctor prior to starting a practice. If you are good to go, book some sessions with me today!

About The Sessions

Meditation For Beginners

Every human being has the potential to shine like the stars! They also have the potential to live a life of happiness, abundance & inner peace. My sessions will teach you how to begin and sustain a meditation practice. You will learn to become more focused, less worried. To embrace the present moment so you can stay motivated on your path to discovery. You will also learn to regulate your emotions & clear energy blockages that may be holding you back from living a life of joy & fulfillment. Ultimately, you will learn to be connected with yourself, to know yourself in all forms. This will allow you to be connected with others, all living things & this beautiful planet we call home. Meditation creates a spark that initiates change, personal growth and self love. The stresses of our world & everyday lives can keep us from shining our light. A light that most do not know about. Together, we can find yours!

Meditation: About